1. Architectural design and Building constructions

The design and implementation of our designs combine architectural design with our many years of experience in construction.

2. Interior Design / Renovations

We design and implement the interior design and decoration of your home or business, respecting your wishes and aesthetics with our modern and innovative ideas, exploring the best possible solution.

3.Photorealistic and 3D modeling

With the proper use of our technical tools and programs, we present your building externally or internally, creating the complete image of our proposal in 3D.

4. Issue of Building Permits

◦ Issuing building permits
◦ Issuing small-scale licenses
◦ Issuing repairs license

5. Inclusion of arbitrary or legal constructions in Law 4495/17

◦ Inclusion of arbitrary constructions in Law 4495/17
◦ Issuance of certificates by engineer with Law 4495/17