An architectural proposal concerning a doctor’s house and his wife, which is located at Papagos in Attica. The proposal is concerning the second story’s addition consisting of 82 s.m. The initial building at the ground floor was built in 1958, whether the addition at the first story was built in 1983.
The main aim for the specific design was the maximum usage of the terrace spaces considering its orientations and functions while creating microclimates, in addition to the residence’s design that should be ‘flooded’ with natural light through its ‘open plan’ and the roof’s incline towards the horizon. The structure’s staircase volume is retreating at the second level in order to avoid creating another massive, static shape for the inhibitors and the urban texture, but also creates a volumetric harmony with the resident’s roof top. The ‘green roof’ is used for thermal insulation of the residence and in addition with the perimetrical vegetation, it offers a more ‘green’ approach to the neighbors and the inhabitants, which is followed in modern architecture in advanced countries and urban settings around the globe.

Athens, Attica
Loukas Mitsonis
Construction year: