katalyma history

Loukas Mitsonis, a graduate of Architectural Engineer, with studies at London South Bank University and the National Technical University of Athens, works as a member of the "KATALYMA" from 2006 to 2015. With an experienced team of engineers and technicians, they design and create luxurious and modern constructions of the current European architectural scheme. With specialised studies at interior decoration, landscaping and 3D imaging, a complete design proposal is delivered according to the wishes and the vision of our clients.

Starting with his family business "KATALYMA", with Theodosis Mitsonis (Civil Engineer) and Ioannis Mitsonis (Architect Engineer), he progresses to the expansion of the company, along with the company's experienced workforce - under the name "LMA-Loukas Mitsonis Architects". While remaining active at the area of Attica and the island of Tinos, they combine the construction experience of the company - since 1978 - with the current alternative architectural concepts that lead in design worldwide.

Our main aim is the high quality in construction, which we guarantee, along with creativity in design, as we also, give serious consideration on the best possible cooperation with our clients, in order to meet their needs, wishes and vision. Our practice is characterised by authenticity, creative and modern solutions, durability, security, affordable prices, along with transparency and honesty for the best outcome.

katalyma services

1. Architectural design and Building constructions

The design and implementation of our designs combine architectural design with our many years of experience in construction.

2. Interior Design / Renovations

We design and implement the interior design and decoration of your home or business, respecting your wishes and aesthetics with our modern and innovative ideas, exploring the best possible solution.

3.Photorealistic and 3D modeling

With the proper use of our technical tools and programs, we present your building externally or internally, creating the complete image of our proposal in 3D.

4. Issue of Building Permits

◦ Issuing building permits
◦ Issuing small-scale licenses
◦ Issuing repairs license

5. Inclusion of arbitrary or legal constructions in Law 4495/17

◦ Inclusion of arbitrary constructions in Law 4495/17
◦ Issuance of certificates by engineer with Law 4495/17